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Innova Upgraded C560 Jet Engine


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Flight Deck and Avionics Upgrade for Citation 560 Jets


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New Paint for a C560 Jet Airplane


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Interior Upgrade for a C560 Jet Airplane


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Currently In Development

Innova Jet Engine for C560 Airplanes

Advanced Power For Your Aircraft

Williams International sets a new standard in value with the introduction of the FJ44-4 turbofan engine. The 3600-pound class “Dash Four” offers more power, lower acquisition and operating cost, and same great reliability.

Using essentially the same proven core with a continued infusion of improved technology, this new dual-channel FADEC-equipped turbofan engine will provide significantly better value than existing engines in its target thrust class.

C560 Jet Engine Upgrades Versus Standard C560 Engines

The New Standard In Avionics

BendixKing AeroVue™ offers unprecedented value for the Citation 560 series cockpit.

AeroVue™ Avionics Header

No Communication Limits

BendixKing AeroVue™ avionics system utilizes unsurpassed integration of aircraft instruments including safety sensors, navigation and terrain database information for enhanced safety and situational awareness. It complies with both the TCAS 7.1 and ADS-B mandate and enables coupled VNAV profiles, WAAS LPV approaches, and RVSM-compatibility.

A Vue Like No Other

  • Before-A Vue Like No Other
    After-A Vue Like No Other
    Primus 1000A Vue Like No OtherAeroVue

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A New Standard For Your Cockpit.

With Not-So-Standard Features

A panel built by pilots for pilots. Once you take a look at what’s inside the pilot-designed BendixKing AeroVue™, you’ll wonder why all glass panels are not made this way. BendixKing AeroVue™ benefits from the pedigree and technology found on Honeywell avionics systems flying on a variety of business jets and transport aircraft today.

Innova Citation 560 Jet Innovations

AeroVue Brochure

Learn more about how it shares proven the technology and features found in Honeywell Epic avionics suites for leading business jets.

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Paint & Interior

We pride ourselves on providing only the best experience to our clients. This is why we offer a personalized service, matching you with our personal team of skilled designers to create color schemes and design elements that truly capture the ethos of you and your company.

Innova Citation 560 Jet Innovations
Upgraded Citation 560 Jet From Innova

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